“To participate in the creation of a world which nobody owns, everybody can use, and anybody can improve. That’s the long-term goal of everything I write. I want to make the world a better place.” ~ anonymous

I did not start this blog because I want to be heard or thought that I wasn’t being heard. I took this step because I am ready to be heard and even more ready to listen. Yes, the content will be borne out of my life experiences but this blog is not created to focus on me. I stand inside a space filled with a humble willingness to share in the spirit of contribution and a desire to make a meaningful difference to others.

If you are family or we have known each other for a while, this blog is the perfect platform for you to re-discover me. Plan to be surprised :) If you are a stranger who chanced upon this site, a very warm welcome! Whoever you might be, if you happen to, for some reason, by some divine intervention, see something that resonates with you, I invite you to participate in my blog in a constructive and empowering manner.

Thank you for listening and contributing generously.

Sofia Joanne


2 responses to “Why?

  1. Hi there Sofia Joanne,

    Thanks for writing so eloquently that even an impatient person like me did scroll through most of your postings.

    You talked much about making a differences to others……. it did for me by reading your blog.

    Its always starts small.

    By the way, what happened after March 2010? Different blog?

    • Hi, I am glad u found my blog helpful for u. That is the purpose of it. I have been slack in posting my thoughts. There has been some after march and I hope u have had the chance to catch up with them. Just posted one after a four month lag. Definitely something I want to redress going forward. Thanks, see u ard soon!

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