I love life. I have lived all of 35 years with, god-willing, many more years to go. Life is a wonderful teacher I have found; almost always a tough teacher but nonetheless a fantastic one. This blog is about my journey of discovery of self, people and things in my life and life in general.

Thank you for stopping by. Please be lavish with your comments and generous in participating in the conversations. I invite you to share my laughter, joy, tears and pains, have fun and grow with me!

Sofia Joanne Chong (SJC)

p/s: In case some of you are curious, I am a Singapore-born Malaysian Chinese female married to a Singaporean Malay scientist. I have lived and worked in Singapore for most parts of my life except for two years in Beijing, China. I love to travel, write, dance, listen to music and read.


5 responses to “Who?

  1. Jasper Chong

    Good Job Sis, you can be a writer liao, since you write so well :). God gifted you with this skill, make full use of it.

  2. Thanks brother 🙂 Don’t be shocked to see a very different sister emerging from these pages 🙂

  3. Fellow malaysian

    It does not matter if I think I knew you since time and circumstances make changes to many. From reading, analyzing and inferring past insights about people in general, I have come to admire you, especially your courage. True courage does not flatter but goes to the core. It can be painful and also peaceful simultaneously. I had the experience for many years. Have a good weekend

  4. Dave Lewis

    I’m pleased to see you are enjoying life, and married to boot.

    Tempus fugit.

    Be well.

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