Falling in love with the East

This morning I took my new bicycle out for a spin along East Coast Park with my mother-in-law (with her new bike) and Emril. We covered approximately 23km over 2 hours. My butt hurts as I sit on the sofa typing this but I can’t help but smile at the mini excursion we did.

It is the first time I experience the “real” East Coast living. Emril and I moved in with my in-laws as we wait for our new home to be ready and we are now 5 minutes away from the sea. I have been driven up and down the East Coast Parkway expressway (ECP) as I travel to and fro the airport. I always loved this ride for the trees and plants that line the roads (including the middle section). However, the view on a bicycle is completely different.

We started late by most people’s standards (7.15am) but early enough to enjoy the park without having to navigate the crowds. It was fantastic to see senior citizens in groups practising taichi, qigong and dance. It was also fascinating to see so many tents being pitched on the beach – waterfront living made accessible. I mean, there were literally at least 100 tents – I started to count and stopped at 46 when I realised that there are many more. It was great to see families, friends, middle aged couples and children embracing an active lifestyle through cycling, walking, roller blading or jogging.

For the first time, I also noticed how beautiful the park is. I saw canon ball trees for the first time, with the gorgeous flowers and canon ball-like fruits. At one point I stopped, mesmerized by two stunning flame of the forest and their sheer natural beauty.

It is not the first time I’ve cycled in the East Coast yet it felt like it was the first time I SAW it for what it has to offer. I begin to see why people who stay in the East love the East. I think I am falling in love with it too in a quiet sort of way, an oasis in the midst of Singapore’s urban city persona. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Thank you Emril for sharing this part of your life with me. The cycling, East Coast and your family. It’s been an interesting passage of time the last 12 hours; I visited my childhood playground in Geylang less than 10 hours ago and then I was on a bike discovering my new habitat.

Who says Singapore is boring?



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2 responses to “Falling in love with the East

  1. Emril

    My pleasure love!!!! MUAKS!

  2. Alexandra

    Beautiful share indeed. It reminded me when I first came to Singapore and I stayed near East Coast.. I love going to the beach and sit on the Bench. I dont count tents but rather I do count ships on the sea and airlines on skies. I used to wonder why a lot of people camping there during the weekends, but having stay here in Singapore for number of years, I realized how busy is the city is, and east coast park is one of rare and readily accessible places for refuge and unwind. The more I see its beauty and value .. I miss living there…

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