A movie that touched me

My Name is Khan.

I watched this movie on a flight back from a business trip in October. Something about it touched a chord in me. I couldn’t quite express it then. Sure it was kinda corny in some parts, too good to be true in others, true Hindustani style drama in all. Yet, it has remained powerfully lodged in my brain, stubbornly poignant. I told everyone I met the days after the movie to watch it if they have not. I bugged my husband to watch it.

We finally bought the DVD version and watched it together. It was no less powerful for me. In fact there were a few scenes and segments that I did not remember watching before. I lapped them up, like a dog having its favourite snack twice over. Yet, I still can’t quite express what it was that touched me.

Today, a friend commented on my FB about the movie (I had after watching the movie the second time posted an update that I love that movie.) It came to me out of the blue. This is what I said to my friend in response to his comment:

There’s something about the way the story was told that goes beyond the obvious… mmm… like a possibility larger than what is reasonable and within norms… something bigger than all the differences amongst us. There is no other difference between you and me, just good deeds and bad deeds. And all of us are capable of good AND bad deeds.

A possibility larger than all of us put together, beyond what our intellectual capacity can comprehend or engineer. The possibility of unity and harmony, of love for the humanity for no reason or evidence other than that we are capable of immense love, if we so choose. Of forgiveness beyond reason, of a compassion beyond what we believe or see we can provide to a fellow human being.

I was privileged to be a part of such a possibility over the weekend. Miracles can and do happen. What I ask myself is not what the world can give me but what I am willing to provide (I am beginning to appreciate what John F. Kennedy said.)

There is no doubt in my mind – I am willing to be a space for greatness to show up, a stand that this crazy, crazy world WORKS.


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