Things that make me smile this morning

1. Wook up to hubby’s voice – he called me from army camp to share with me he won the gold award at IPPT. Well done Emril!

2. Super manja momo (my cat), so lovingly affectionate and adorable.

3. Mr Yeo and Mr Yeo. The taxi drivers of the cabs I took last night and this morning are both Mr Yeo. Love the big smile on their face when I said, Thank you Mr Yeo.

4. Auntie from my usual breakfast beehoon stall called me Sofia – my Muslim name. I’ve only told her once, when Emril came to lunch with me in Suntec and I introduced him to Auntie. We even laughed and said that my name is Fatimah…

5. I satisfied my little craving for fried fish fillet with beehoon. (sometimes they are sold out by the time I go to the stall).

I am present to being connected to this world, being touched, moved and inspired by little acts of kindness and generosity. I am thankful to receive them but find greater pleasure in giving them. It doesn’t take a lot to be happy.


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