Eavesdropping in the gym

A conversation overheard in the gym today during lunchtime.

Voice 1: Are you sure about this?

Voice 2: Yup…

Voice 1: If you say so…

(Woman started to peddle and found her thighs and legs, unsurprisingly, heavy, joints woken with a jolt.)

Voice 1: WHAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is going to be painful!

Voice 2: Yup. It’s only just started. (Look at watch, determined) I will not give up.

Voice 1: Why do you put yourself through this?

Voice 2: I’m sick of having to spend time to look through my wardrobe for something that still fits me and dun make me look like a whale.

Voice 1: VAINPOT.

Voice2: Maybe. I’m more concerned about how I feel about myself if I don’t do anything about this body. I know, it’s not THAT bad. I know I can do better, much better than this.

Voice 1: You turn 36 in less than two weeks. Why are you doing this to yourself?

Voice 2: Precisely because I am racing against time I must put in more effort to not become a pig.

(Woman struggled on the stationery bike. Pant, pant, pant. Dry mouth, slight giddiness. Her heart felt like it is about to explode. Is this how a cardiac arrest feels like??? How ironic – this is a cardio workout.)

Voice 2: Shit. Getting started again is the toughest part. How many weeks did I indulge in laziness???

Voice 1: You have a choice you know. Look at the rest of the people in the room. They are all doing better than you, even that old man who’s sweating like a fountain.

Voice 2: Shut up. You are not making this any easier.

Voice 1: I am dear. All you have to do is stop, get off the bike and walk out. Simple.

Voice 2: You know what? That’s really tempting.

(Woman got off the bike, thought to herself: what the hell am I doing??? Walked to the water cooler and got a cup of water and walked back to the spinning room. Back on the bike.)

Voice 1: You are an idiot. Why did you come back?

Voice 2: You are the idiot. I will not give up. (Woman looked nervously at the wall clock and gulped, only 15minutes into the 45min session. Deep breath.)

Voice 1: You are asking for it.

Voice 2: Yes I am. Now will you just shut up for the moment so I can concentrate.

(Silence. Woman can’t keep up with the class, thought of a piece of advice an instructor once gave her: keep up the resistance even if you cycle slowly and not do any of the acrobatic stuff the rest of the folks are doing. Concentrate on working with your body. Don’t fight it but keep pushing, even if it feels like you can’t carry on any more.)

Voice 2: I will not give up.

Voice 1: Whatever you say babe. Your body will tell you what a stupid idiot you are today over the next few days.

Voice 2: I know, I actually like the pain. It reminds me I am alive and kicking.

Voice 1: Why are you doing this again?

(Woman looked at wall clock, final ten minutes and instructor shouted a last routine. She pushed through her pain and resistance and joined the class doing whatever the instructor told them to do.)

Ten minutes later, woman got off the bike, panting heavily, feeling light headed. The corners of her lips curled upwards ever so slightly, secretly glad she didn’t just give up, relieved she didn’t. Her legs felt heavy and nailed to the ground. She started to walk to the locker room to change back into her work clothes. Damn, she has to climb a flight of stairs – ladies changing room on the second floor. She felt like her legs are not hers and each step was a mammoth effort.

Voice 1: See, I told you it would hurt.

Voice 2: Yes, this is part of it. Expected when I have not moved my butt for weeks. A few more sessions and I’d be fine.

Voice 1: A few more sessions? You are crazy. In a few weeks you are flying for work again and the exercise schedule will be interrupted again. Then you gotta start all over again. You are crazy.

Yes. I know it isn’t the easiest and most comfortable thing to do. I am committed to being healthy and happy. Being healthy and fit is part of being happy for me. I don’t like looking tired and feeling defeated by my current wardrobe. I don’t want to whine about it – nothing will change through whining. I can do something about it and I will. So shut up and let me do this my way.


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