Aperture Army (aka A.A.)

Last Friday night, eight souls with a shared love for photography got together for a meeting of a different kind. There were six locals and two expats (though one of the expats might argue he’s become rather Singaporean already).

Of the six locals, one is studying to become a nurse, one works in a company providing photography services; their friend is a sweet girl who is too conscious of herself in front of the camera; one is an architect by training, a master in macro photography and a man of the world; there’s a sophisticated lady who runs her own PR firm and there’s me (well, I’m not technically ‘local’ but heck, I can’t see myself as an ‘expat’).

The two expats, coincidentally, are both Australians. One is a homemaker who has a gift for the lens and a beautiful creative vision, and the other a father-to-be who has made Singapore home.

For three hours or so, we talked and laughed. We brainstormed and discussed possible community projects that are grounded in photography and eventually decided on two for a start. We have two enthusiastic and competent project captains and we have a date to meet again this week to check out one of the projects we plan to work on. As of yesterday, we have a page of our own on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/AA/336365728983?ref=mf.

We call ourselves Aperture Army aka A.A. This group started from a very simple desire to make a difference using photography. I mooted the idea last year, asked a few friends whom I know like photography and was encouraged by the positive response. I had promised to organise a gathering to expand on the idea by the first quarter this year. And here we are. An idea that now has become reality.

This is an informal group but we are serious about making a difference and touching people’s life with photography. A group of photography lovers of various competency levels from all backgrounds coming together to enjoy the art and to make a difference. It’s a simple idea. Nothing grand, fancy or complicated.

Judging from the response and enthusiasm last Friday, I am confident that we can make a difference. Let’s do it!

p/s: Anyone and everyone who is willing and able to contribute through photography is welcome to be a part of this community. Let’s have fun using photography to make a difference to people’s lives together!


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