My relationship with my work

For the past year, there has been a distinct shift in the way I relate to my work. Those who hear from me enough know I get off work at 5pm and I do leave at 5pm, with no guilt and feeling complete most days.  If I do stay later, I do not whine about it. I remember I went to my NZ vacation last year knowing I have completed everything I set out to do and had to do before I left. I went with complete peace of mind, of nothing incomplete.

A big part of this is how I relate to my job. It is not something I have to do daily in order to survive or get somewhere. It is a job. It pays the bills. It is a place I spend 8 hours or so a day, it is a space I stand in professionally. It is a place for me to learn and grow. It is a place I express myself inside of a specific context called work. I reap what I sow. I am responsible for and held accountable for everything that shows up in this space, all the good and bad. It is very clear.

This sense of completeness and clarity is extremely empowering. I feel powerful inside of my job even though there are endless things for me to learn and explore; the learning process is borderless. I can begin to make a difference to the company and my colleagues in a tangible way.

Now I can genuinely accept and hear the acknowledgement from my colleague who said, Joanne I thank God the day you joined us 🙂


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