Stuck, stuck, stuck!

I commented on a friend’s FB post today and thought, this could go to my blog too…

Sometimes we say “I’m stuck”. What exactly are we stuck in? Go ahead, try to describe what it is you are stuck in. 

This stupid project isn’t going anywhere. This problem I’m trying to solve, I keep hitting a wall. I’ve tried EVERYTHING but nothing works!!!! 

Consider that you are not stuck in any physical form. You are experiencing being stuck, that things are not moving. What you are stuck with is your view that the circumstances are not moving in the direction you want, against certain expectations you have of them. 


Instinctively, we blame everything except look at ourselves.  Poor thing, I am a victim of circumstances. In assuming the victim role, one is no longer responsible for how his life turns out.

Circumstances are circumstances. We deal with them everyday, every moment. They don’t change to please you, nor do they arrange themselves in a way to maximise your agony. They are what they are – circumstances. Life doesn’t care what names you call it. It couldn’t care less about you. So don’t flatter yourself. Life is Life and it goes on whether you like it or not.

To get “unstuck”, all you have to do is give up the view you are stuck. It’s really as simple as that. Once you stop feeding the feeling of being stuck in something, you begin to make space – physically and mentally – for other things to show up.

Once you see things differently, you see different things.


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