What an incredible weekend

I had the most amazing weekend. It left me in the presence of grace, love and inspiration. It is the most incredible feeling to be with people, watching them deal with their fears, creating courage, power and being unstoppable. Watching people deal with what life is and what it isn’t. Watching transformation unfold in front of my eyes and I transformed too in those moments. I am deeply touched by humanity and compassion.

The past weekend, I was assisting at a course. I have myself been touched by the power of this education for the past 18 months. This education permanently altered the way I view my life, my self and life in general. I am empowered to achieve whatever results I want in my life in whichever area that matters to me. I now live my life powerfully and live a life I love.

Even as I achieve this level of self gratification and inner peace, I want to make a difference to the world out there.  Not because I have arrived somewhere, or that I think I am superior than others in anyway; I want to contribute to mankind, I can and so I will.

Some time in the middle of last year, I decided that this education is my access to making a difference to people’s lives. People in my life, as well as perfect strangers. This is it, there is only now. I will not wait. Now is the only time I have to make a difference. Through words, sharing and being a stand for the transformation of mankind.

This is it. And it’s perfect. From nothing, who I am, right now, is the possibility of love , inspiration and power.



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2 responses to “What an incredible weekend

  1. Emril

    Great post love! You have a gift for writing and I enjoy reading your post… Me reading???? Haha. Its very genuine, real, authentic and very you. Straight from your heart. Continue writing from that source.

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