Lucky woman

In a conversation with my boss today, he said: I don’t care how much time you spend in the office or outside of it, as long as you get the job done. In the past, I would be smiling gleefully, probably in disbelief, thinking “Wow, I am soooooooooo lucky!”

No. Luck has nothing to do with it. When I attribute an occurrence in my life to luck, I absolve myself from all responsibility of it happening. If it’s something good, I am the joyful recipient of cosmic generosity and the probability of it recurring is low. If it’s something not so good, damn, just my luck and I cross my fingers it will not happen again.

A dependence on luck is no different from wishful thinking. I wait for divine intervention and take no responsibility for how my life turns out. What a cop-out. I have basically given up control over my life to this thing called luck – the elusive existence of a stroke of genius. I have no say over its occurrence this one time or in the future. I am like a sitting duck waiting for life to come at me whichever way it fancies, completely at its mercy.

What my boss said has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with his trust in me. And THAT, has everything to do with the way I am being. My boss trusts me and he trusts me not because he should or he’s gullible. I earned it. He has come to expect certain minimum standards of me and more, based on the quality of work I have been delivering in the past 10 months. Through my actions and my speaking, he has come to trust that I am someone who holds myself to certain high standards and conduct myself with integrity.

What I am saying is he is willing to give me that much leeway because I worked for it. I CREATED a boss who trusts me – I shaped the way he relates to me as a fellow colleague through the way I conduct myself, both in my speaking and actions and more importantly, the alignment between the two.  

It has absolutely nothing to do with luck. This has everything to do with taking responsibility for my life and living a life of integrity every step of the way. In that sense, I agree that we generate our own luck. Who needs Lady Luck when I can master living my life powerfully?


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