If you say so my dear

Easy versus difficult only exists in language. Like many words we use, these two words have no physical form. They are not physically in existence; more like a concept or a thought, or sometimes, a feeling or a sensation somewhere in our bodies. Important versus not important, beautiful versus ugly, fast versus slow, etc. They exist because we SAY so.

We all keep a private dictionary. In it, we find words that are accumulated over the years of our existence, from the second we take in our very first breath to right this moment. Instinctively, we express life in the way we speak, the language we use. We are the authors of our private dictionaries. With each word, we assign a definition or variations of the definition according to our own interpretation of life. In other words, we create the meaning behind every word we say and the words we hear. The words we use in our lives have meanings only because we GIVE them meaning.

The beauty of language is it is what I make it to be; I can make it to be whatever I want it to be. What is easy to me can be difficult to you. What is ugly to you can be beautiful in my eyes. How I say it makes all the difference because speaking it gives it a measure of realism; our words shape our sense of reality. When I speak it, I give it existence and I get present to it. When it is a thought in my head, it sometimes doesn’t feel real. It’s just a thought.

The good news is, God gave us language AND the power of choice. So I remind myself everyday: choose to speak only words that are an expression of love, that inspire and empower. Because I am who I say I am.


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