Just be myself

Since I started this blog, I have been talking to people who blog and reading literature on blogs whenever I can squeeze it into my schedule. One message is very clear: style is not static. Whether you start a blog with a theme in mind or not, whether you know what you are doing or not, it is the beginning of an evolution.  There is not one single formula that will guarantee the longevity or success of this blog.

Very few people get it right the first time. In fact the very definition of ‘right’ evolves over time. I recognise my anxiety about starting on the right note, yet struggle to properly define what is ‘right’. I have a sense of what my writing style is, what I like and don’t fancy. I have ideas on how to change this, improve that, all of which is relative to the current yardstick I use. Even this yardstick is being influenced by what I am hearing and reading. And truth be told, it is all pretty overwhelming.  

This blog does not have a niche theme; I chose to sit it on a broadest platform called life and as such, risks being aimless. Anything and everything can inspire a thought, an idea in me. I share what I see, hear, sense, feel of this life I live, moment by moment. I am not egoistic enough to think the world at large would be interested in MY life. However I am banging on people being interested in sharing life experiences. And I thought: I will start with me sharing my experiences and hope to touch, move and inspire others to share their lives with me.

My husband is perhaps the biggest (and only) fan of my blog at this point. The other day, I asked him what he thought I could do better. His answer was: just be yourself. I thank God for his brevity and wisdom. That will be the essence of my blog; a genuine, authentic reflection of me.

I started this blog to make a difference to others. I want to touch the many lives out there with mine. God made me who I am for a reason. At this point of my life, I can’t think of a better place to be than here. Just be with myself and BE me.



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6 responses to “Just be myself

  1. A_wandering_mind

    Hi! I am surprised on how similar our ideas about blogging is. When I started blogging, I did not get it “right”. I even gave it up for a few months. Till now I have not gotten it right. Yes it is true that even I get influenced by others, their blog , styles etc. But hey it is natural isn’t it? After all no man is an island and it is all part of evolution…..

  2. Emril

    Whoa… who is your husband ah??? Sounds like a smart, wise… maybe sporty or dare I even say good looking?????? Just a hunch.. hehehe =P

  3. Emril

    dun wan… shy… I keep low profile

  4. Eventually, you will have to surface. I promise I will be gentle 🙂

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