Review: Astoria Plaza Residences, Manila, The Philippines

I submitted this review to after staying at the hotel for a business trip. The review was written on Nov 17, 2009. Bottomline, this one is not worth your time in Manila.

Astoria Plaza Residences, Manila, The Philippines

I am writing this only because I am waiting for water to be restored so I can take a shower. When I called reception, the guy said there is a problem but he is not told when it can be restored. Upon further pressure did he say he will check with engineering and get back to me.

My three day experience here have been dotted with breakdowns in areas that are considered basic for any hotel to work. First day the toilet bulb blew and it took four depts and one hour for them to replace it. I also requested for an adaptor for my laptop charger, only to be told that guests have to purchase one from the hotel, but it was out of stock. I requested the hotel to help me buy one as I am in meetings all day and they said to speak with Bell Desk. I was tossed around reception, bell desk, business centre, housekeeping and after 8 hours since my initial request, the answer is “I am sorry, the shop is closed.” In the end the duty manager lent me his. The internet crawls, the location is inconvenient (for a business hotel). Did I mention the bath tub is cracked so each time I take a shower, the bathroom is flooded?

See the full review on “As a business hotel, this one is to be avoided.”


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