Master (the) mind

As I wrote last week, I started attending dance classes again. That was last Thursday, followed by contemporary dance class on Friday, 90 minute tennis on Sunday and 60 minute pilates today during lunch time. So far my body is holding up ok, responding in the way I expected it to after neglecting it for 5 months. Resistance and muscle sores in all the expected places (relieved to know that my muscles have merely gone into deep hiding not extinction). For the rest of the week, I am slated to attend a body balance class and spin class on Tuesday, dance classes on Thursday and Fri (for the next five weeks), pilates on Fri during lunch time (a different teacher).

At first I wonder if I am over-doing it; afterall my body is no longer used to such a packed exercise program and surely needs time to adjust. However, I decided to press ahead with this seemingly punishing schedule to train my mind. Yes, the mind is a muscle too and needs a work out now and then you know.  

As some of you might know, the most challenging part to getting into a fitness regime again after a lull is to start the engine again. It seems that this applies to many things in life. We are all creatures of habits. A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

The mind starts to protest even before the body is put to work. The brain is the most creative muscle really – it easily comes up with valid and justified reasons for the body to skip the planned classes. My initial plan is simple: get over the resistance. Keep going to the classes even if I can’t do them perfectly. Once the mind gets aligned with the intention, the body loses an ally and it simply goes to work. Our body too is an intelligent thing. It will eventually catch up; our bodies are very coachable, unlike some of our minds. Perhaps that explains the word: master-mind.

Yes, I get that I am 35 going 36 this year and I have to put in double (or more) of the effort to get the same results I used to get at a fraction of the time and effort. It’s ok – it’s not that hard once I get back to enjoying the process. One of my 2010 goals is to have an energetic, healthy body and it wouldn’t hurt if I can keep myself in good shape.

It feels great to have gone for my lunch time pilates class today, like a little victory over the resistance voices in my head. Yes!



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