Can’t fight them, join them.

When it comes to technology, I am one of those who know enough to get by but can’t handle excessive technical information. I know enough to get my laptop working if it runs into minor problems (I know where the reboot button is, defrag and control, alternate, delete) . I know enough to sync my mobile phone with my Outlook calendar so I know what my life looks like in the next 12 months. I know enough to get my cameras to work the way I want them to (does not mean I know all the tricks my camera can do.)

I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I have long preferred to keep my phones, cameras, music and videos separate but have in recent years decided the resistance (towards integrated devices) is futile. I resisted iPhone because my manicured nails do not go well with its touchscreen technology which does not recognise finger tips; I must use my fingers. I now own a macbook (thanks to my husband) but I use it like a PC. Where is the right click???? Thank godness that in all the years I worked, I never had to choose between sanity and blackberry.

At the end of 2009/beginning of this year, I decided to embrace Apple. Yes I am aware this means I will have to alter my habits, a major upheaval is in the wings. The funny thing is, once I stopped resisting it, I am able to see all the exciting options available to me which I didn’t see before. I am reshaping my lifestyle and selectively embracing what technology can offer me:

  • Expanding the way I connect with people from a single point of communications (face to face, emails, sms) to multi-nodes and platforms
  • Building a whole new photography archive using iPhoto to support my photo gallery on (under construction) and a hobby that has the potential to develop into a lifelong affair
  • Putting a significant portion of my life and memories in a device called iPhone and hope that I don’t lose it
  • Putting in the building blocks of a potential home-centred revenue base in the future

In 3-6 months’ time, if all go according to plans, I would have upgraded my 13″ macbook to a 15″ macbook pro (only because our tiny workdesk at home cannot accommodate the gorgeous 21″ iMac) and officially cross over to the dark side (iPhones). I am also greedily eyeing the Kindle, but am waiting for Apple to launch the iSlate or whatever it will be called; this would transform my reading habits (I’ve always preferred paper to screen – tree murderer!!!)

I figure that since I can’t fight them, might as well join them 🙂 Technology can be a boon if you choose what works for you, instead of rushing to upgrade to or buy the newest gadgets each time one hits the market. I can only handle so much for now but the important thing is, I am happy with my choices.


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  1. Emril

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away…. Hmmm, what kind of doctor?? Not my kind I hope.. *gulp*

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