Prayers for a miracle

Update: Baby Gavin has ended his brave fight. My thoughts and prayers are with Natalie and I ask that you’ll keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers too. Thank you.

I came across this on my FB, a post from Digital Photography School. Natalie and baby Gavin are complete strangers to me but I feel compelled to offer my prayers too. Excerpts from the DPS post and the latest entry from Natalie’s website

Natalie Norton, has an 8 week old son who is battling fiercly with a vicious case of Pertussis (Whooping Cough). On top of that, baby Gavin (pictured above) has developed RSV, pneumonia and most recently a blood infection.  

The severity of his case is compounded by the lack of medical research in dealing with this type of disease as it is particularly rare (though it has apparently begun to rear it’s ugly head in recent months). At this point he is definitely in need of a medical miracle. Happily Gavin is in one of the most reputable pediatric intensive care units in the United States, and he is being monitered and treated  by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses who are working around the clock to save her little son.

Natalie and her family are full of a remarkable level of faith and hope that their little boy will overcome, but obviously any prayers and positive energy would help! We are simply wanting to put this need out there to our community and would ask you respond in the best way you know how.

If that’s to pray – please pray. If that’s to send a message of support to Natalie – you can do so through Twitter or her blog (details below), if that’s to send some positive healing energy Gavin’s way – please do that. You can see updates on Gavin’s condition through Natalie’s twitter updates ( as well as on her personal blog at


The following is from

Ok boys and girls. Here’s where we are in our fight for our son.

  • For Gavin to live, it will LITERALLY require a medical miracle.
  • We have been informed by doctors that he is BY FAR the most critical patient in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
  • They are researching medical reports and looking into performing some experimental procedures (because unfortunatly his condition is SO RARE there have not been studies performed to solidify the validity of what they’re HOPING will work for him). In fact, as I write this post, they are trying an expermental plasmatic exchange that we’re crossing our fingers will offer some kind of MEDICAL progress (beyond the progress we are praying for as a simple result of the hope and faith we have in God )

I have COMPLETE faith that God has that ace up his sleeve.I have total faith that my son will leave this hospital a healthy, vibrant little rascal just like his big brothers.

I also feel deeply inspired that one of the requirements for this miracle is that we as a family are to solicit the faith and prayrs of others to heal our son.

Please continue to pray.I know the audacity of this request but PLEASE spread the word…. in ANY way you can.

Blog posts.
Twitter updates.
Group emails.

Thank you God for the power of social media!!!

I love you all so deeply. My mother heart is touched and absolutely buoyed up by your faith and compassion.

THANK YOU. From the depth of my being.



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2 responses to “Prayers for a miracle

  1. Desmond Lucas

    Thought you should know.
    Baby Gavin breathed his last yesterday.

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