Choose powerfully. It’s your life.

In Nov 2009, I wrote a short note on Facebook about a conversation I had with my husband about something that has nothing to do with new year resolutions that ended with me making the following declaration: In 2010, I am the possibility of love, self expression and contribution.  Inside of this space, I created these plans: one cardio and one resistance training class each week during lunch time, spin classes with Em, weekly tennis sessions with Em, ballroom dancing with Em, start my personal+photo+travel blog, be a Seminar Leader @ Landmark, community project related to photography, restart my golf game so I can turn pro some day (this was meant to be a joke), learn to drive.

I am pleased to see that since declaring the plans, I have made the following progress: committed to a long-term fitness membership at True Fitness that allows me to fulfill my fitness goals; committed myself to new dance classes; made arrangements to secure tennis court for weekly sessions; started my personal blog; commited to an apprenticeship program to become a Seminar Leader @ Landmark in February.

When I declared my plans, I made a commitment to myself inside my possibility (of love, self expression and contribution.) I am committed to developing a fitness regime for myself out of love for my body and self; when I am healthy and physical ready, I am better able to contribute to other people’s lives. My personal blog and the Seminar Leader Program are conduits for self expression and contribution.

That is the relationship between my word and my actions. I say, I do. While some of you reading this might think that isn’t a big deal, it is a big deal to me. I have for a long time in my life, lost faith in words; words spoken by others and words uttered by me. Words are words. Over the past 18 months or so, I have been in “rehabilitation” of sorts, re-establishing inner peace and self-belief in every area imaginable in my life. It has been liberating, empowering, humbling, an eye opener.

It’s a work-in-progress this self discovery journey, reconfiguration if I may. It is gratifying to see the power restored in my word. I am fully aware this is my choice to make. At the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to in most cases: what do I choose in the moment of choice?

Our lives are the reality of a series of choices we make every step of the way. Every moment of choice presented to us is an opportunity to transform our lives right in that moment. In life, choice does not always come in the form of multiple choice options. It is often a single outcome that could be against our wishes. Choose.

The good news is the power of choice lies with us. So I say, choose powerfully.


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