What do you think?

Since I started this blog, I have edited the tab ‘SJC who?’ a few times and am constantly tempted to make changes. I keep wondering if what is there now makes sense to people. I just did it again today.

When I wrote the blurp for the introduction tab, I wanted everyone who visits this site – be it someone who already know me or a stranger – to have a sense of the motivations driving this blog. It is much less important (I think) for people to read about who I am and what I do. On multiple second thoughts, I wonder if I am wrong to make that assumption. I suppose it will help if a stranger (in particular) knows something about me, the person who is asking them to spend time on this site when there are million and one things to do with their 24 hour time each day. I could be a pyscho or maniac running loose online for all you know…

Then I realise I could ask YOU (yes you). What would you like to see in my introduction section? What do you think? What is your opinion?


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