A small blip

Lost my phone on Sunday night, great way to start the year 😦 And here I was feeling smug about cajoling my mobile operator to agree to an early recontract in 3 months’ time so that I can join the iPhone community and be hip for a change… now I’m simply stuck with my big fat hips!

I am pretty sure it slipped out of my pocket in the cab on Sun as it was still with me right up to the point of boarding the cab. Oh well, thank goodness Joyce (my manicurist) came to my rescue and agreed to lend me a spare phone to tide me over till I can get the iPhone.

I read somewhere that the upcoming year of Tiger is not good for those born in the year of Tiger (like me). Technically, it’s still the year of the Boar as Chinese New Year is six weeks away; so I choose to think that this losing-my-phone-piece-of-bad luck is one small blip in an otherwise fantastic year 🙂 Life goes on!


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