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Last year this time, I was unemployed. I had gone for a couple of interviews in Dec (2008) but nothing has come through. Was bracing myself emotionally for an extended period of unemployment and uncertainty. I remember praying to God saying: God, I leave my life in your hands. Bring me to where is best for me so that I may fulfil your plans for me. And with that, I waited.

By the end of January (2009) I heard a firm offer from my current employer and by March, I started in a new role that I have come to enjoy more and more with each passing day. In November, I found myself in a curious situation.

Let me explain the background a little. I work for an industry association supported by a group of member companies. The Association has an executive staff body of three, moi included. We report to a committee made up of representatives from the member companies, like a board of directors.

The President of our board is the GM of the Asia pacific operations of a large Middle Eastern company. He offered me an opportunity to join his company, in a regional role that pays more and has an expanded job description. Technically speaking, there is a conflict of interest as I am still a staff of the Association where he presides as president. The interesting thing is the way the whole episode was handled. My President spoke to my boss directly about the opportunity he is making available to me. My boss gave his blessings to me attending the interview, which I went. Everything was above board. Again I prayed to God saying: bring me to where is best for me.

I was wondering about the outcome in the final weeks of 2009. It is somewhat unsettling to not know either way how my 2010 was going to be in terms of work. On Dec 31, 2009 I got a text from my President about the decision they made. I did not get the job.

I couldn’t help smiling. I got my answer and clarity I wanted. I am also present to the power of being the cause of the matter. The opportunity came about because of the work I did in my present company. Even though I didn’t get the job, it was evidence that I am doing something right and being appreciated.

I shared the news with my boss and other colleague, so that they too would have clarity. I am perfectly happy with the outcome to be honest. Relieved too. Ten months into the job and I feel that I am finally getting a grip, though still tonnes more to learn. As a team, we are gelling very well and I have never enjoyed better vibes with the people I work with. We have firm plans for 2010 and I am pleased that I will continue to be a part of the mission and team.

I am looking forward to my first work day in 2010 tomorrow. Time to create, grow and keep building.


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