The purpose of this blog

On October 21, 2009 I posted the note below on Facebook. It is around this time that I knew, intuitively, that I am ready to keep a blog; that the desire to have a space for self-expression has grown beyond a concept/idea. It has crystallized into a purpose for my writing.

I did not start this blog because I want to be heard or thought that I wasn’t being heard. I took this step because I am ready to be heard and even more ready to listen. Yes, the content will be borne out of my life experiences but this blog is not created to focus on me. I stand inside a space filled with a humble willingness to share in the spirit of contribution and desire to make a meaningful difference to others.

Thank you in advance for giving me the space to make a difference to you. Thank you for sharing my hopes, laughter, fears, pain, tears and I assure you, my unique brand of nonsense. I will be re-posting some of the writing I have done over the past ten months, as an acknowledgement of my journey of self-discovery. If you have read them on my Facebook site before, I invite you to read them again to see if something different jumps at you. If you are reading them for the first time, take your time. Enjoy!

A REFLECTION posted on Facebook on Wednesday oct 21, 2009 at 09:34

“To participate in the creation of a world which nobody owns, everybody can use, and anybody can improve. That’s the long-term goal of everything I write. I want to make the world a better place.” ~ anonymous

A few people once complimented me about my writing. One said I am gifted. I never saw it that way. When I try to see his point of view I begin to see that God has gifted me two things: intelligence to form opinions and reason, and the ability to articulate my thoughts into words (I can say and write exactly what I am thinking).

I always took these for granted until some people told me that they can’t express themselves in words what they think. They have all these thoughts in their heads but can’t express them fluently, be it vocally or in a written format.

Then I saw that I am indeed gifted, in a way. I never have problems writing down what I think. Once I start writing, the words come, the thoughts flow. They may not be coherent at once but the very act of writing helps me to sort my thoughts out. Thank goodness for PCs; I can easily cut and paste my ramblings, trying to make sense of them. Very often, I become calmer in the process of writing, as if I just had a great conversation with myself and the universe.

I don’t have a big vocabulary. My style is not fancy. I also try to be precise, finding the right word to describe that one emotion exactly. Like a composer trying to find the right note. That single tone that is perfect harmony.

My world takes shape right in front of me when I write. It shifts as I cut and paste, select words and form sentences to do my thinking justice. My world is given by the words I write. In this sense, I realised I can shape my world whichever way, given by my thoughts and the words I use to describe it. My word is my world.

A good friend once said this: having something to say does not mean it is worth saying. Who determines what is worthwhile to say, or not? You do, I do. We self-censor so much in life that at times we find ourselves choking with our unspoken thoughts.

Writing is my way of connecting with people. I do not write to seek agreement or to provoke. I write because I love to and I can. I write because it just might make a difference to someone, somewhere, sometime. In some small way, I hope to use my gift to touch people’s lives and make this world a better place.


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