Play. Risk. Fail.

Posted on Facebook on Dec 3, 2009 @ 10:49

Since I was bitten by the shutter bug, I have been chomping down photography related content. This morning, I read something that touched me profoundly; I am sharing an excerpt of an e-book here.

For something that most of us take up for fun, we sure know how to take it way too seriously at times. […] I’m all for taking this craft seriously, but not at the risk of losing our sense of play and our willingness to experiment, fail, and learn from failiures.

Art carries with it – must carry with it – an element of risk. In fact, it’s that risk even in matters as simple as risking few bad frames, that separates the good from the mediocre. It’s the ones who colour outside the lines that go on to become Picasso and the ones who colour within the lines that go on to become, well, I don’t know, accountants or lawyers maybe.

Artist must have something of an anarchist within them, a spirit that bucks the rules and wants to follow the “what if…?” But grown ups have usually lost that innocent anarchist…

 Whatever you do, don’t ever fear failure. Play. Risk. Fall on your face and see what happens. To do otherwise is to stagnate.

~ David duChemin, author and photographer

Great advice for living life, period.


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