2009 Thanks

Posted on Facebook on Dec 10, 2009 @ 12:05

2009 has been an incredible journey. Ok, so it has not ended yet and I probably would have more to say after my NZ vacation but I just want to express how I feel RIGHT NOW.

I am deeply grateful and thankful for my families and friends who have given me the space to be me, to grow and be a part of your lives. Your love has created a space for me where I am not afraid of failing and making mistakes, a place where I can take that little extra step when my inner voice says no.

Special thanks to: (in no particular sequence)

Emril for being my constant pillar of support and light, for your love and for just being you. For everything said and unsaid.

My parents (both sets) for your wisdom, for loving me, for your unconditional love and acceptance of who I am.

Rachel (my chopstick sister) for your love, understanding, trust and generous laughs.

Adelynn for your friendship and being such an inspiration just the way you are.

My Landmark community for being a constant beacon of humanity, compassion and contribution. It is a privilege to be a part of this wonderful team and experience.

Des for being a friend who never fails me.

Mary and Eleanor for sharing your unwavering faith in God, humour and compassion.

Keo for becoming my twin so readily.

Juliana for your friendship and strength.

My brother and sister-in-law for stepping up for the family without being asked.

My boss Clarence and colleague Lilis for your belief and trust in me, for giving me the space to grow as an individual and with the team, to contribute to our joint success.

My niece Vanessa for sharing your life with me the way you have, I am incredibly proud to be your Aunt.

My sister Cecilia (Low) for letting me into your life, I do not take it for granted or lightly.

My other ‘sister’ Cecilia (Phua) for affirming our friendship despite the years and distance, I am so proud of you.

Flora for her incredible spirit all the way to the end. You have left an indellible mark in my life. Thanks for being a wonderful friend to me.

Ok, get back to work!


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