A friend asked me to share the rationale behind the name I chose for my blog: pussyfootsteps.

The name came to me, quite simply, on one lazy Sunday morning when I watched our cat Momo glide around the house in her usual graceful fashion, her soft paws softly making silent paw prints with every step she took.

When she comes across something new or unfamiliar in her space, she would take tentative steps toward it, sniff and assess. She would dance with it, moving forward, backwards, sideways. She is a joy to watch when she tries to “figure out” the object. Sometimes fearless, some times clueless, at times nervous, but these never stop her from acting on her curiosity.

She moves around conscious of the obstacles in the way: the legs of our dining chairs, the sliding glass doors, mess on the floor, etc. She would sometimes slow and pause, look and assess what is upon her. At times, she would simply settle down right there and then, unable to move ahead. Other times she would quite quickly make up her mind that it’s not worth her time. All done in the same grace and calm, an almost nonchalent manner, accompanied by an innate and obvious curiosity.

In many ways, I see myself in Momo. Always curious about everything. Curious, apprehensive, yet tempted to find out for myself what lies beyond my comfort zone. The grace bit I need to work on though 😛

Pussyfootsteps is very simply, my foot steps. Every step of the way, gingerly, a little anxious about what I might end up finding but more afraid of what I might miss out if I stay put. My own little dance. Dance with me?


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