Crossing the threshold into the unknown

I have made some life-changing decisions as I cross the threshold between the end of a year and the start of a new one. Like setting up my Facebook account on Dec 30, 2007.  Like creating a account and starting my personal blog today, Dec 29, 2009.

The timing is not planned. I did not pick the day or consult the almanac for an auspicious hour. It is, however, that time of the year that I travel back and forth relentlessly between the past and the future. Reflections about the past year: trials and tribulations, victories and losses, achievements and mistakes, old and new relationships, breakthroughs and breakdowns. Dawn of a new year: hopes, dreams, possibilities, goals and fears.

Chapter 2009 of my life has been amazing in so many ways, heartbreaking in some, sobering in others. At this juncture, I am present to an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love. It is in this space that I finally took that leap of faith into the unknown; it is comforting to know that I have in place a safety net and support system that will nurture my mind and spirit.

Giving shape and form to an idea that’s been swimming in my head breeds both excitement and nervousness. I am getting present to my own voice; dedicating to it a space where it can be free to express; giving myself the permission to be vulnerable as I make my thoughts accessible and available; daring myself to have a powerful relationship with my word and everyone else who take my word for it.

The very act of writing this first blog entry fills me with a sense of accomplishment – I have procrastinated on starting my own blog for eternity despite the encouragement from many well-meaning friends. At some level, it is symbolic for me to demolish these walls of resistance at the cusp of a new year. I have taken yet another step out of my own shadows into the light.

I would like to dedicate my blog to the family and friends who have enriched my life thus far; you will continue to be the color palette for the canvass of my life. I do not know who else will join me on this journey. My hope for those who choose to walk with me is for each of you to find something in my sharing that comforts, empowers and inspires.

God willing and with your love and support, I look forward to living my life powerfully and living a life I love. I wish everyone a fantastic 2010, regardless of what the year may bring!



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9 responses to “Crossing the threshold into the unknown

  1. Desmond Lucas

    Great first post! You’re on your way lah!

  2. Congrats on your first blog entry!! Waiting for more 🙂

  3. Emril

    Well done love!!!! I am so proud of you!!! LOVE the blog name! After much debate, I say.. excellent and appropriate choice!

    BTW.. I am the first to leave a response!

  4. Poh Eng Seng

    Congrats, SJC. What a catchy blog name you have selected. At some point, you ought to share the rationale for its choice. For many nof us, we will of course watch this space, or as the billboard in Orchard Rd screams, “watch this scape”…

  5. Thank you all 🙂 A bit shy lah… I can’t believe how excited I feel… It took me years to take this step. I promise you won’t have to wait till Dec 29, 2010 to see the next entry ;P i am new to this thing but I think u can subscribe to my blog if you want so u can get updated whenever I update it? thanks for your encouragement!

  6. Emril

    Drats am I not the first….. CRAP! Lost out by 5 mins!

  7. Cheers! The year-end periods offer great time for reflection, re-energising with new hobbies and goals, recuperation and even re-engineering our life directions. To me this is the best gift ever – God’s truly blessed gift to all! Happy New Year! Blessed Blog Beginnings. Love, Mary PS: You can link to my blog which I have not had time to update ;-0

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